In a world where business happens at the speed of thought it is critical that the business processes support such environments. With the OpenText™ AppWorks solution this could be done in a low code and optimized fashion.


OpenText™ AppWorks overview

OpenText™ AppWorks provides the capability and foundation for businesses that are working towards digital transformation. With OpenText™ AppWorks you can easily build and modify intelligently automated, content-rich and connected processes to provide a completely new digital experience, all while reducing the IT workload.



OpenText™ AppWorks provides you with:

  • The ability and suppleness to digitize, automate and unify business processes.

  • The capability to automate routine work.

  • Better control over your customers’ experience by optimizing knowledge-driven work.


Some components include:

  • Dynamic case management

    • Use a more effective data-driven approach for complex decision making.

    • Provide knowledge workers with ready access to the systems, content, and people that assist in moving cases forward.

    • Use rule-based automation and artificial intelligence to automate routine decisions and lower risks.

  • Process Intelligence

    • Gain business insights and visibility into operational status information for digital process automation.

    • Streamline development cycles by using reports, dashboards, etc.